New Colors!

We’re excited to announce new colors at MJ Yarns. Our web designer is working hard to get them posted at Until then, check out these pictures and descriptions.

Lake Side is a gentle blend of earthy greens and blues that evokes the peaceful place where a forest meets the water’s edge. Using this color with Cerulean Twilight or Green Dragon will create a gentle blend in keeping with its spirit.


Peacock speaks for itself. This color sings with pops of yellow, blue, teal, red and purple. Combine it with Connie for something eye popping or Cerulean Twilight for an enjoyable blend.


Mother’s Love is a dusty rose with layers of  red and plum. It offers an unmatched sophistication and subtlety. It will blend brilliantly with Lake Side.


Leaf Litter captures all the magic of a forest floor in Autumn. Try blending with Phoenix for a fiery interplay.


Mystery is replete with interesting color combinations. Layers of Blues and Green provide a complex backdrop for the final layer of black. Highlights of light pop through it all. Combine with Midnight Orchid for an interplay between the two blacks or use Katelyn to accent the blues.


Horn is exactly what we picture a dragon’s horns would look like. It is a deep and earthy olive drab with a shocking amount of subtle variation.


Narthex is inspired by the light shining through dusty cathedral stained glass. Try pairing with Cerulean Twilight for a subtle effect or Connie for an exciting sun and sky look.


Sky Dust is a gorgeous and complex blend with a purple that can become blue in the right light. It has a gentle and sophisticated look. It will pair well with Purple Dragon or provide a subtle backdrop for Phoenix.

Sky Dust

Wisdom is named for the profound mental peace this color brings to the mind. It is a gentle spring green with enough depth to prevent it from belonging only to the nursery. It would be a great companion to Cerulean Twilight or Peasant.


Madonna is an homage to the Renaissance painters who spent so much effort capturing the beauty of the Christian Mother. This gentle and earthy peach color is, by far, the most complex color we have ever made. It will pair well with Joseph or PTX.


Princess is a rich dusty rose. It lives in the sophisticated place between pink and red. It would make an interesting pairing with Fire Dragon or Green Dragon.



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